1. Free Session Process


  •  You are invited to complete and submit the qualifying form
  •   Receive confirmation of your qualification within three days
  •   Book a session as best suits your time frame and schedule
  •   Receive further instructions to prepare for your session

The coach will engage with you about who you are, what you long for, where you may be stuck, how you think, assumptions you have made, and what motivates you, which leads to creating an action plan toward next steps for peace of mind and personal fulfillment.

Whether you're fresh out of college, well on your way to living your dream or eagerly approaching retirement, this session will help you name your goals. Walter is offering a free session to help you get started with a personalized approach to life planning.  

Walter provides the Customized Coaching process based on your own priorities and desired outcomes.  In this short hour you will discover your own inner wisdom in applying a self-discovery tool and benefit from experienced coaching insights

2. Package Presentation

SAMPLE Transition Package Menu:  (10-12 weeks) 

Phase A – Assessment of Leader’s Self-Awareness

  •     Essential Life Connection Inventory
  •     Types of Change Inventory
  •     Job Satisfaction Inventory
  •     “In My Element” Clarity Test
  •     20 Questions to Answer Before…
  •     Reviewing the Desired Outcomes
  •     Self-Awareness Journey

 Phase B – Leader’s Personal Design

  •     EQ Profile
  •     InnerMetrix
  •     StrengthFinder
  •     Core Values Index
  •     Definition of Success
  •     Discerning Leader’s Element
  •     Reviewing the Desired Outcomes

 Phase C – Integrating Leader’s Self-Awareness and Design

 What Does “Self-Awareness” Look Like?

 Discovering Leader’s High Performance Pattern

 Developing a Strong Personal Leadership Foundation

 Prioritizing Significant Relationships for Success

 Alignment of Personal and Corporate Dashboards

 Choosing Action Steps Toward the Desired Outcomes

 Obstacles to Fully Achieving the Desired Outcomes

 Threats to Full Alignment and Ways to Compensate

 Choosing Key Directions and Implementing the Decisions

 Phase D – Six and Twelve–month Check Ins:  Making Adjustments