Phase A -  Complimentary Session using the Purpose Clarity Wheel the Client’s desired outcomes and objectives.   

The process is guided by discussing and naming the who, what, how, why, when and where.

Phase B – Assessing Leader’s Reality

  1. Discovering Strengths and Talents

  2. Seasons of Change Spiral

  3. Essential Self Connection

  4. Types of Change List

  5. Addressing Tolerations

  6. Reviewing the Desired Outcomes

Phase C – Assessing Leader’s Reality (cont’d)

  1. Life Direction and Purpose

  2. Discovering Best Energy Sources through Core Values Index

  3. Naming the Compulsions and Gifts from the Enneagram

  4. Definition of Success and Awareness of Motivation

  5. Reviewing the Desired Outcomes

Phase D – Exploring Leader’s Options

  1. Childhood and Work Experience Stories

  2. What Does “Purpose Clarity” Look Like?

  3. Drafting a High Performance Pattern Statement

  4. Developing a Strong Personal Leadership Foundation

Phase E – More Options for Action Steps Toward theDesired Outcomes

  1. Alignment of Personal and Corporate Dashboards

  2. Brainstorm Ten Directions Exercise

  3. Create a Life Plan

Phase F – What is the Timing and Action Plan?

  1. Obstacles to Fully Achieving the Desired Outcomes

  2. Power of Personal Hopes and Dreams & Corporate Vision

  3. Threats to Full Alignment and Ways to Compensate