A partnership that turns passion, purpose and personal strength into high performance and life fulfillment.




Change is difficult...

...and if you are on the stressful journey of a job change, Customized Coaching is a trustworthy companion.

Walter Sawatzky's expert guidance and support is empowering and encouraging!



Experience new energy and hope-filled clarity from a complimentary meeting with Walter!    



I was looking for more clarity in who I was and where I was going. Walter helped me lay out a process where I could gain that clarity. ”   — SCOTT LANDES,  MANAGER

Walter mines through your experiences, successes and failures in a skilled and comfortable manner. The end result was a clear articulation of my strengths and value proposition, but an even clearer picture of how I am designed to be. — MARTIN REESER, VP INDUSTRY PARTNER FOOD & BEVERA


When I began working with Walter, I was just out of college and in the throes of the recession, in need of serious guidance and clarity...After this experience I can honestly say that I gained a better understanding of how to focus, manage my time, discover what lay beneath many of my decision making models and develop healthier ways to share myself and my time with others.”  — TIM MOYER, UX DESIGNER AT THOMAS JEFFERSON UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL





How Coaching Works

...it's basically a partnership whose primary goal is to achieve your desired outcomes.  Each partner has certain responsibilities:

  1.  You do the work of digging, reflecting and engaging questions.

  2. The coach will listen, ask questions and offer feedback.

  3. The coach's job is to ask for more than you think you can do.

  4. The coach works with you as a whole person:  thoughts, wants and feelings.

  5. It is about who you want to be and what you want to accomplish.