WALTER W. SAWATZKY, Life/Work Transition Advisor & Personal Leadership Coach

                                                                              WALTER W. SAWATZKY

                                                                            WALTER W. SAWATZKY

In 2006 Walter founded Customized Coaching LLC to help leaders find their special design and unique life path.  He describes his calling as "nurturing hopeful clarity for those facing life-changing moments in the workplace, guiding their passion into their life work."  


Walter is a professional coach with 30 years' experience in related fields.  He has been offering career/job coaching services which focus on expanding the leader's self-awareness and capacities.  Prior to that, he was engaged in staff care for community service workers, international development program administration and coaching new initiatives in global settings.  


Walter is a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary where his studies focused on non-formal education.  He also graduated from Coach University’s training programs certified by the International Coach Federation.  He is certified as a Master Transition Coach and as a practitioner of the StrengthsFinder 2.0, EQ in Action Profile and the High Performance Patterns process.

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