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"Walter has been an invaluable resource for me during some of my most significant periods of personal and professional transitions and growth. 

He seeks first to understand, through a process that has strengthened my self awareness, focus and resolve. Having Walter's phone number is akin to having a trump card on hand when facing opportunities or challenges that may otherwise seem overwhelming. I look forward to my future partnerships with him and highly recommend his services to others."

Molly Robbins, Executive Director of the Saint Joseph's Fund at Saint Joseph's University

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“Walter is a joy to work with, I can't recommend him enough. 

As a coach he knows the right questions to ask. He has helped me set goals, find more balance and reach goals. Walter is perfect for people standing at a crossroad in life, looking to reach goals or find satisfaction in what they do. " 

Mike Allebach, Business Owner


"Walter is an exceptional coach. 

He was instrumental in my career transition. He cares about the deep places a person wants to explore in order to bring their true work into the world."

Scott Hackman, Family Business Consultant



“As a result of working with Walter these last three years, I am much clearer about who I am.

Although I couldn't have named that at the beginning, it is really what I have wanted all along. I always sensed that my personhood was his top coaching priority. In the course of our coaching conversations, I have become more deeply in touch with my core strengths and passions... and so I have gained a lot of clarity about my calling and the confidence to make some needed changes in my life."

Dorry Newcomer, Pastor